February 18, 2009

Feb 17th & 18th

Ok so much for that whole once a week posting, lol....that is no fun!
So I will continue to post when i feel like it. And hopefully keep up with this photo a day project when I go back to work in 2 weeks :(

So yesterday and today were both Happy Mail days :)
Love love love getting things in the mail!

Yesterday (Thursday, the 17th) I got a nice package from Shutterfly with 250 photos in it :)


Today (wed, the 18th) I found a nice little box on our front porch from Amazon, with my new lens for my camera. My old lens died a few weeks back and then Missy was nice enough to send me one of her old ones and then that one died on me...do we notice a bad luck pattern here....so, I just had to get a new one, lol! So so excited to have my baby back in one piece :)

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