January 14, 2009

Tis' a sad day

My baby is broken.....
I came home from the store tonight to find this:

Luckily it is just my lens and it wasn't that expensive.
But it was the only lens I owned.
So, until I can afford to buy a new one,
(which may not be for a while since I am not working)
me and my baby will be apart.
Tis' a sad, sad day indeed!!!

Oh you might ask HOW it got broken.........
well lets just say little boys have a way of destroying many things around this house, and now my camera is included in that group! I was not a happy momma tonight, not happy at all!


  1. Sad day indeed!!!
    If it's any consolation...same thing happened to me. I'm on my second 50mm lens.

  2. hey girl email me, i have that lens and i upgraded to the 1.4. this has been sitting in a box for years and i would love for it to go to a good home! i should still have your addy, but i don't so email me!

    mine has been dropped a few times too, so you have to mess with it at times, but it works!

  3. actually, you may be able to fix it too, you just have to move the focus ring around and line the insides up. i just can't tell from the photo how bad it is. mine does the same thing.


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