February 3, 2015

Project Life 2015 | The Beginning

This year for my Project Life album I am going to keep it super simple thanks to scrapbooking on the go, and my iphone! I have decided to stick with the same format that I wrapped up 2014 with: The project life app, the collect photo app and the rhonna designs app!

Here is my 2015 title page:

Week 1 (using the kiwi edition):
 Week 2 (using the kiwi edition):
 Week 3 (using the kiwi edition):
and an "currently" insert page for this week
 (using get it recorded, currently the bundle, daily life templates)
 My goal for 2015 is to add one of these pages each month for each member of our family!

Week 4 (using the Project 52 Edition):
Week 5 (using the Project 52 Edition):
and with that the first month of January is complete. Pages are done and ready to be printed! 

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