April 13, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 12

This week I used the NEW because i'm happy collection available at DDE :)

I just love the colors of this kit, and had such a fun time putting this week together. The little elements are so fun and whimsical, they just make you happy while you are scrapbooking!

Super simple and oh so happy :D love love love project life!
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April 9, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 11

Hello week 11! 

This week I used Digital Design Essentials new Fave Kit & Fave Journaling cards to put together my pages. 

Seriously so in love with the colors of this kit!!

I also used DDE's new Photo Stamps & Date Stamps as well as a few of The Everyday Currently cards!!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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April 2, 2014

New In The Shop 4.1.14

One more simple set of currently cards hit the shop yesterday!
Currently: The Travel Edition  
A set of 12 - 3x4 journaling cards for all your travel photo needs :)

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March 30, 2014

March Freebie Template

Whew, one day left of the month and I am squeezing this template in, just in the nick of time ;)

This months free template is based on this layout by Kelly Noel. As soon as I saw her layout, I fell in love with it and knew I would be scraplifting it soon. Kelly is one of my all time favorite paper scrapbookers, I could honestly scraplift each and everyone of her layouts!!

When I sat down to scrap tonight I created this layout:

I also made a template to go along with the layout and am sharing it here for your scrapping pleasure!!
I hope you enjoy it and link me up if/when you use it :D

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March 28, 2014

Project Life 2013: Week 31

I still have 21 weeks of 2013 to finish up and am working on catching up little by little. Today I am sharing week 31 :)

For this weeks layout I used Happy Place by Digital Design Essentials!

This week included my birthday so I wanted to the colors to be bright and happy just as the week was, and DDE's Happy kit was just perfect:

I also used These are the days Word Art to create my title card:

I just love going through photos and recalling memories of last year :)
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March 24, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 10

Hello week 10 and hello project life, its been a while and how I have missed you!

This week I used Digital Design Essentials XOXO collection for my pages!

So in love with the color combo of this kit! It was a fun way to perk up my rather boring photos this week. Lots of photos taken last minute at bed time. Ever have those weeks where you just want to sleep? Yep I had one of those during week 10. I think it was the culmination of too much work, and not enough sunshine and wonderful hormones. It was not m,y favorite week of the year, to say the least. Now that I look back I am happy I documented what I did and captured the good moments :)

Thanks for taking a peek!

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March 12, 2014

Digital Tutorial: How to extract digital elements to use for Project Life!

This little trick is something I find myself using on almost every one of my project life layouts and think it is such a fun way to customize your pages to be fun and unique!

You can see an example of how I used this technique on the project life page below to get the love this life word art on the top right photo, and for the love this on the bottom right photo:

The journaling card I am using today for this tutorial is from DDE's Besos Vol. II Journaling cards

First you want to open the journaling card you want to use in a photo editing program ( I use PSE 10):
Next you need to select the Magic Wand Tool on your toolbar:

With the Magic Wand tool, Select (left click) the element/shape you want to remove from the journaling card. Once it is selected you should see little marching ants around the element:

 *tip: to select the inside of letters, like letters O and R here. Hold the shift key and click the inside of the letters so they are surrounded by marching ants too!*

Now you need to right click (with your mouse) on the selected element and it will pull up a menu that looks like the image below. Move you mouse down and highlight "Layer via Copy":

Once you do that you will see a copy of the selected element in your layers palate:

In the layers palate deselect the original layer of the journaling card and you should be left with the extracted element!! Voila!! Now you can drag and drop that element anywhere you want onto your Project Life layout!

A super simple and easy to use tutorial to make your project life pages all your own!!

Let me know if this works for you too, and how you plan on using it on your PL pages :)
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March 9, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 9

Hello week 9! 
This week I used Digital Design Essentials Foxtastic Journlaing CardsFoxtastic Word Art & date stamps !

Super simple. Photos, journaling cards, dates & done :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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March 7, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 8

Life is getting busy already with spring right around the corner. Had a nice quiet night to myself tonight to play catch up with Project Life.

This week I used Digital Design Essentials Neon Crush Paper pack &  Journaling cards for my color scheme:

Here is a look at our week 8:

I love how the bright colors make dreary winter photos seem fun and exciting :P

I absolutely love this photo of Aiden and Buddy together, so I made it the focal point on this page by tweaking the template a little bit :)

Supplies used from my shop:

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!

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February 22, 2014

New in the Shop: Find Joy

I just added some new 3x4 journaling cards: Find Joy to the shop! I am so in love with this color scheme right now I just had to make something using it :) These are the result: 
Included in the set are 2 printable PDF's of the cards for easy printing for all the hybrid scrappers out there :)

I used the cards here for my week 7 Project Life pages:

Changed things up again this week and I am ok with that. The simple pages are a new favorite way to do my PL, but I honestly miss color. It is one of my PL trademarks through the years, color coding my layouts and I honestly miss doing that. So this year will be a year of change. Trying new things and if I want to change it up, thats ok too...there is no wrong or right way to do Project Life. The important thing is that you do it and get those memories and photos documented. As long as it makes you happy that is enough!

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February 19, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 6

Hello week 6 & hello to catching up :)

Another super simple week. Photos. words. done. love it!

This week I have very few photos to choose from. The winter weather really got to me this week, so I hardly took any photos. So quite a bit of my weekly spread came from image searches on google ;)

Again this week I used the my daily life polaroid templates, currently cards the bundle and bundle 2, and week in review journaling cards. The paper is from Candid a collab by Mommyish and Just Jaimee.

I am smitten with including the currently cards with each week. Lots of the same and yet difference in each and every week. Making me truly appreciate the little things that make life wonderful!

thanks for stopping by and taking a peek. I hope to finish up week 7 tomorrow and possibly, dare I say it be caught up with my project life for once!? Lets just not talk about my 2013 Project Life :P

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