August 17, 2012

my sad blog

it has become a place to post Project Life layouts and that is pretty much it :( I'm not even sure if people read my PL posts, but posting them keeps me accountable and keeps me working on the project!  Yet, it is all I have posted since April and I find I miss the days when I used to use it as a blog. A place to record little memories, daily happenings, and the joys of being a mom of 3 boys :P

I did this before back in January 2011. I gave each day a topic/theme to post on and for a while it was going pretty good, and then I fell off the blog band wagon...big time! I have been posting here mainly because it is part of my duty as a creative team member to keep an active blog, but honestly it is sad to look at. I am going to challenge myself for the rest of the month to post daily on the following topics:

Monday: Memory Monday (a little snippet of life, a look back, memory keeping...)
Tuesday:  Three on Tuesday (documenting my 3 little guys)
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (a favorite photo from the week)
Thursday: What i'm working on for DHD
Friday: Project Life Post
Sunday: Spraground Sunday

So here goes nothing, wish me luck...


  1. When your life has moved on and your children are grown you will not consider what you have recorded here as "sad." You will rejoice at the depth and care with which you took to honor your life and theirs. Chin up gal, you are doing it right. PS people do read it but do it for yourself!!

  2. Well, you are in my Google Reader *for* your PL posts and I love them. So keep it up! :)

  3. You're in my Google reader also- I love your PL posts. More people read than you realize- no doubt.

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  5. Oh I LOVE your PL!!!! One of "the best" in the digi world. So keep it coming please!


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