January 6, 2011


only day 6 and I am struggling to think of what to post here...blah!!

I really need to figure out a schedule to post items. Maybe that would help a little ;)

I am loving the idea a day idea that Kay has as well as this list of ideas by Mary.
So let me just borrow some of their fab ideas and make a little list here...

Monday - Project 365 (hopefully by posting once a week it will keep me accountable ;))
Tuesday - Two Peas Tuesdays
Wednesday - Wordless Wednesday
Thursday - Ten on Thursday
Friday - Free Friday
Saturday - Llistogrophy: my life in lists. I plan to write a random list - some serious, some not so very - about me every week this year.
Sunday - Spraground Sunday

Phew, so that wasn't so bad. Glad to have a starting point now :)

1 comment :

  1. i LOVE the list idea!!! look forward to reading your blog this year!


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