June 19, 2010

No. 81

From the List.

Number 81 = DONE!!!

When I was little I always went mom and my cousins to pick strawberries. The smells, the first taste, sneaking a few while you picked, the red sticky fingers....good times and wonderful memories!! I can still remember it, just like it was yesterday!

So of course I wanted those same memories for my boys.

On Thursday I took the boys to a local orchard and we had a great time!! Dylan even said "Mom, this is the most fun thing we have ever done!" and I was pretty shocked by that, happy...but shocked! We picked 17+ pounds of strawberries, ate a half dozen cinnamon donuts, and then we stood under a cherry tree and ate a few dozen fresh cherries!! YUMM-O!!

1 comment :

  1. Hi Jennifer!!!!
    When we wre little my dad had a strawberry patch in our backyard. Me and my sister ate sooo many when we were younger that now, none of us likes strawberries, lol!
    Good to see you! I have a new blog now, hopefully you can stop by and check it out. No scrapping though...haven't in ages!!


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