June 14, 2010

10 days later

(wow, where did those last few days go...)
and we are enjoying summer vacation!!!
I have been working on a new list for summer 2010.

The List. So far...

No. 1: Go Swimming *this is a given, everyday ;)
No. 2: Blow Bubbles
No. 3: Take Buddy for more walks
No. 4: Fly a Kite
No. 5: Go without the TV/Computer for a day
No. 6: Ride Bikes together
No. 7: Go camping
No. 8: Have a pool party
No. 9: Go hiking
No. 10: Go to a movie
No. 11: Make S'mores
No. 12: Play with sidewalk chalk
No. 13: Run through the sprinkler
No. 14: Spend a day at the beach
No. 15: Camp out in our backyard
No. 16: Dust off the telescope and look at the stars
No. 17: Have water balloon fights
No. 18: Movie night once a week
No. 18: Build sandcastles
No. 19: Game night once a week
No. 20: Jump in rain puddles
No. 21: Read, read, read!
No. 22: Grow and eat our own vegetables
No. 23: Go on picnics
No. 24: Watch fireworks
No. 25: Go to a museum
No. 26: Look for shells at a beach
No. 27: Go to the zoo
No. 28: Play ladder golf
No. 29: Do jigsaw puzzles
No. 30: Make up a scavenger hunt
No. 31: Have a garage sale
No. 32: Ride a roller coaster
No. 33: Attend an outdoor concert
No. 34: Build with LEGOS
No. 35: Play hopscotch
No. 36: Swing
No. 37: Play with water guns
No. 38: Go to the library
No. 39: Go to a water park
No. 40: Make Popsicles
No. 41: play mini golf
No. 42: take a nap outside
No. 43: buy balloons just for the fun of it
No. 44: Watch a parade
No. 45: go to balloonfest
No. 46: buy fresh fruit from a stand
No. 47: lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by
No. 48: Go garage saleing
No. 49: visit a state park
No. 50: grow sunflowers
No. 51: make shish kabobs
No. 52: Color some pictures
No. 53: Play croquet
No. 54: Build a giant blanket fort
No. 55: assemble a family tree
No. 56: Clean out a closet
No. 57: play soccer
No. 58: pick a bouquet of flowers
No. 59: Go to a drive-in movie
No. 60: master riding bikes without training wheels
No. 61: climb a tree
No. 62: celebrate Christmas in July
No. 63: do some crafts
No. 64: try some new recipes
No. 65: play tag
No. 66: Jump rope
No. 67: play hide and seek
No. 68: go on a road trip
No. 69: play in the sandbox
No. 70: Be a tourist in our own town
No. 71: practice our school work
No. 71: Have "Do Nothing Time" each week
No. 72: play tennis
No. 73: go to the park
No. 74: eat watermelon
No. 75: have a pajama day
No. 76: go on a nature walk
No. 77: visit with family
No. 78: Discover a new favorite author or book series
No. 79: cafe kids
No. 80: scrapbook
No. 81: pick strawberries
No. 82: Make fruit Popsicles
No. 83: Play school
No. 84: Eat snow cones
No. 85: paint
No. 86: spelling bees
No. 87: make some fun lunches
No. 88: slip n slide
No. 89: play with friends
No. 90: learn the 50 states
No. 91: run barefoot in the grass
No. 92: eat breakfast outdoors
No. 93: go to some place new
No. 94: keep a reading list
No. 95: wear sandals
No. 96: visit at least 3 new places
No. 97: use binoculars
No. 98: be creative
No. 99: Take pictures of everything along the way
No. 100: Make a scrapbook to record the 100 things!

I have been slowly changing up a few items and adding a few more projects I want to accomplish this summer, it still is a work in progress but that is just how we roll when summer comes around ;) Always room for change at any given moment, and I love it that way!

So here is to an AMAZING Summer 2010, ans spending LOTS of time together :)

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