January 12, 2017

Project Life 2016

As we close the book on 2016, one would hope to close the book on the scrapbook as well, but that is a pipe dream I will never see :P I have just 12 weeks left of our project life 2016 album to finish up and as hard as I tried to get it done before the beginning of the new year, it sadly didn't happen! Even with the ease of the Project Life App, it was a big undertaking. If you follow my scrappy adventures on Instagram I was posting pages once or twice daily at the end of the year to get caught up. As of 4 weeks ago I was on week 27 and had all of those pages printed through the app.

Seeing those pages come to life was the little push I needed to get the ball rolling! Since then I have nearly caught up and plan to have this album completely finished by the end of the month!!

You can take a look at the entire album as it stands on my 2016 Project Life Page :)

However you choose to document your daily life, I can't stress enough that you should JUST DO IT! Don't let the fear of perfection or the need to use the latest and greatest products weigh you down. What matters most is that you document the moments when they are fresh in your memory and in the end the results will totally be worth the work :D

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