June 12, 2013

Hello Summer!!

It has been a few years since we set out to complete a list of items over summer vacation. Two years ago we were in the middle of a major move and last year we just did whatever we wanted...which ended up being a whole lot of nothing most days. So this year I am starting off summer vacation with a list to cross off and document with my boys!
No. 1: Go Swimming 
No. 2: Blow Bubbles
No. 3: Take Buddy for walks
No. 4: Fly a Kite
No. 5: Go without the TV/Computer for a day
No. 6: Ride Bikes together
No. 7: Go camping
No. 8: Go to an Aquarium
No. 9: Go hiking
No. 10: Go to see Monsters University
No. 11: Make S'mores
No. 12: Play with sidewalk chalk
No. 13: Run through the sprinkler
No. 14: Spend a day at the beach
No. 15: Camp out in our backyard
No. 16: Build sandcastles
No. 17: Have water balloon fights
No. 18: Movie night once a week
No. 19: Game night once a week
No. 20: Visit Potter Park Zoo
No. 21: Read, read, read!
No. 22: Grow and eat our own vegetables
No. 23: Go on picnics
No. 24: Watch fireworks
No. 25: Go to a museum
No. 26: Look for shells at a beach
No. 27: Go to the Detroit Zoo
No. 28: Play ladder golf
No. 29: Do jigsaw puzzles
No. 30: Make up a scavenger hunt
No. 31: Go to a Tigers Game
No. 32: Ride a roller coaster
No. 33: Attend an outdoor concert
No. 34: Build with LEGOS
No. 35: Play hopscotch
No. 36: Swing
No. 37: Play with water guns
No. 38: Go to the library
No. 39: Go to a water park
No. 40: Make a yummy recipe off Pinterest
No. 41: play mini golf
No. 42: take a nap outside
No. 43: buy balloons just for the fun of it
No. 44: Watch a parade
No. 45: go to balloonfest
No. 46: buy fresh fruit from a stand
No. 47: lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by
No. 48: Go garage saleing
No. 49: visit a state park
No. 50: go to Michigans Adventure
No. 51: make shish kabobs
No. 52: Color some pictures
No. 53: Play croquet
No. 54: Build a giant blanket fort
No. 55: Go to Caseville
No. 56: Have friends over
No. 57: play soccer
No. 58: Go bowling
No. 59: Go see Despicable Me 2
No. 60: Project Life project with the boys
No. 61: climb a tree
No. 62: celebrate Christmas in July
No. 63: do some crafts
No. 64: Be a tourist in our own town
No. 65: play tag
No. 66: Jump rope
No. 67: play hide and seek
No. 68: go on a road trip
No. 69: have a one on one day with mom
No. 70: blow dandelions
No. 71: Finish your homework workbooks
No. 71: Have "Do Nothing Time" each week
No. 72: play tennis
No. 73: go to the park
No. 74: eat watermelon
No. 75: have a pajama day
No. 76: go on a nature walk
No. 77: visit with family 
No. 78: Discover a new favorite author or book series
No. 79: cafe kids
No. 80: play putt putt
No. 81: pick strawberries
No. 82: pick blueberries
No. 83: Ride Scooters
No. 84: Eat snow cones
No. 85: paint
No. 86: spelling bees
No. 87: make some fun lunches
No. 88: slip n slide
No. 89: play with friends
No. 90: learn the 50 states
No. 91: run barefoot in the grass
No. 92: eat breakfast outdoors
No. 93: go to someplace new
No. 94: keep a reading list
No. 95: wear sandals
No. 96: go to the oakland county fair
No. 97: use binoculars
No. 98: be creative
No. 99: Take pictures of everything along the way
No. 100: Make a scrapbook to record the 100 things!

I will be documenting & sharing these 100 things periodically here on my blog  and on instagram throughout the summer. The boys are excitedly reading over the list making suggestions on what to do first. Good times ahead :)

*title card created with the Project Life Honey Edition Title Card & fonts Script MT Bold & franklin gothic heavy*

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    Oy this is such a neat idea!


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