July 27, 2011

WITL Tuesday

Phew, what a day!

Lazy boys in the morning, watching Disney Channel:
Boys in the car, on our way to get Donuts for breakfast:
Donuts, yum:
One sweet boy:
cretive time! A diaper box turned into a robot:
Garbage day. Moms little helpers running out a few last minute items:
Listening to Incubus (if not now, when) my favorite right now:
a quick trip to the bank:
Silly Baby Girl, giving Dylan a bath:
Downtown to pay water bill:
My very first accident, and of course it was my fault...:
Two hours late to work because of said accident:A really hard job today at today! Almost finished with this book:
On the drive home:
Taking Buddy for a nice stroll at dusk:

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