July 26, 2011

WITL Monday

Following along with Miss Ali Edwards and her fabulous week in the life project this week.
Documenting our everyday with photos and words. Making time to record all the little things :)

Here is a look at our Monday in photos:

good morning sunshine:
obsessed with DS:
making breakfast:
eating breakfast:
Buddy (who I told to sit for a photo and acted like he was in trouble!)
paper boy:
In the car:
On our way to tennis:last day of tennis for the summer:
snuggle bunny: *note to self...adjust white balance this week, ugh*my oh so messy desk at work:beautiful drive home:
catching fireflies at dusk:reading books before bed:

1 comment :

  1. Awesome photos! I especially love the car shots. I need to work on those. :)


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