April 25, 2011

P365 failure

Gah! The worlds worst blogger award should definitely go to me this year...
January always starts off with good intentions. Then Life takes over and all those things I had planned that I was "going" to do seem to get put on the back burner ;) Anyone else struggle with that too? Oh well. Such is life, right!? Been taking a few more photos around here lately, yay! I am so ready for some nice weather, spring where are you?

Here are a few or my favorite photos from this past week:

Drew and his new jack-o-lantern smile :) - Dylan and I on a field trip together - my biggest and littlest all snugly after bath time - and a traumatic trip through the car wash!

Happy Monday :) I WILL be back tomorrow with some Two Peas in a Bucket layouts to share!!

1 comment :

  1. maybe a P365 failure but definitely a successful momma!

    [aiden traumatized is hi-larious!]


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