January 9, 2011

P365 week 1

I decided to swap Sunday and Monday's themes, so today is all about my project 365 :) I updated the first five days of photos to my Shuttercal site, as well as here:

Ringing in the new year together, Loudly!!:
His new favorite spot to watch his new obsession...Toys Story 1, 2, and 3:
A nightly ritual, snack and last minute homework problems before bed:
Little boys plugged in:
They hardly fit together anymore, but they still have a great time :
in his favorite spot (yet again!), watching his favorite move (yet again!)
wheeeeeee!! Jumping off the steps, a new favorite trick :)
Day one of Drews basketball clinics!
A fun game of Mouse Trap for family game night...turned to drama and crying when Aiden couldn't hold the green man ;)
I used a year of rubons by Carina Gardner on my photos here!

I am loving this project so far!! It's kinda crazy that it takes a new beginning (or a new year) to appreciate something as simple as a photo a day. A photo a day to document the simple everyday things that I might not think to capture :)

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