January 15, 2011

movies to watch

Honestly I never watch movies. There are so many that I want to see, I just never set aside the time to just sit down and relax. So I figured if I made a list I can make it a priority this year to start checking some of them off of said list:

Easy A
The Social Network
Sex in the City
Sex in the City 2
500 days of summer
Angels and demons
The curios case of benjamin button
crazy heart
dear john
the proposal
remember me
the road
sherlock holmes
the blind side
valentines day
up in the air
17 agin
eat pray love
confessions of a shopaholic
letters to juliet

1 comment :

  1. 500 days of summer...best movie EVER!!!

    And we just watched easy A....it was so funny!!! You definitely need to make it through that list...there are other good ones you have on there.


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