January 20, 2011

6 simple reasons

1. I have 3 boys...isn't that enough...

2. one in particular looks like this right now:
after being left unsupervised with a jar full of markers

3. That same sweet boy also just broke my favorite necklace by ripping it right off my neck (breath in, breath out, breath in breath out)

4. Now that same boy is getting into something in the pantry, be right back.........."Aiden, what are you getting, now!?!"

5. ok back. Happy little boy is now eating cookies off the dog/cat haired covered floor, sigh

6. AND to top it all off he just climbed up on the chair to look out the window to see the choo choo train (never mind that the window is 4 feet in the air)

and there you have it 6 simple reasons why I have gray hair already...

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