November 1, 2009


How is it so!? I seriously can't even believe it is November already. This year has flown by in a flash.

Halloween was going to be a very busy day for us, and turned out to be a lazy day at home. We were planning on getting our pictures taken in the AM, and then walk in a parade at 2. Trick or treating downtown at 4-5 and then trick or treating around the neighborhood from 6-8.Busy busy, but oh so fun....too bad it didn't happen ;)

Aiden and i had a restless Friday night, full of crying and waking up all night long. He was still fussy and feverish in the morning, and Drew wasn't feeling very good either. He spent most of the morning wrapped up in a blanket on the living room floor. We canceled the photo shoot, and decided the parade was a no go. We took a much needed nap instead :) Later, Dylan Drew and I bundled up and headed out for a bit of trick or treating downtown. It was SO windy and FREEZING, but the boys still had lots of fun!

After we were finished downtown, Drew headed straight for the couch for the night and Dylan Aiden and I made a quick trip around the block trick or treating. It was so cold we were happy to call it a night after about a half hour outside.

I only got a few blurry photos of Aiden in his costume for the night...he was the cutest little lion all fuzzy and bundled up!

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