November 27, 2009

27 days

and counting...WOW, it is soooo close to Christmas.

Only 3 more days left and it is November. It is about time I think about a project for my December daily. I have attempted to complete this project for the past few years and do so well right until the end, and then it just gets so busy, or my inspiration runs out. and well,...you know what happens ;) This year I am going to keep it simple. Not even sure if I will do a whole album For sure I will keep up with my photo a day. I am still playing catch up putting together my project 365 this year. BUT I WILL FINISH IT!!!

Here are a few of the things inspiring me to create a December daily this year:

*this 12 days of Christmas countdown

and don't you just love that photo (by Candice Stringham) too!?

*this simple advent calandar

this awesome Advent Calendar/Holiday Journal by Erica Hernandez

and this simply stunning December Daily album by Molly Irwin.

now I just have to decide.....;)

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