October 1, 2009

October 1st

So for the entire month of October I am going to *try* to post something.
Something simple, something I am loving right now, something about our daily lives...because the days seem to FLY by so fast anymore I can hardly keep up!

Yesterday I got a copy of Real Life Scrapbooking in the mail *yay, happy mail day* and spent most of my free time today reading it over. Totally inspired now to scrapbook about our daily lives. The ordinary, the day to day, all the little things that i might forget one day.

I want to remember that right now (at 10 months) this is Aidens favorite toy.
This is how he is the happiest. With this toy hanging out of his mouth, when he crawls or toddles around. He has such a fun personality growing and changing more with each and every day :)

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  1. OH WOW he looks like such a big boy now! Time flies!!!


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