July 26, 2009


Today i had to work the dreaded 10 hour Sunday shift, blah. So not my favorite, but it is nice to just get the hours in in one day. Luckily today I got to answer phones in the office which is usually quite boring. So I packed up my project 365 kit and headed to work with plans of playing catch up. (Which I seem to be forever doing with this project.) I am happy to report that after 10 fun filled hours of playing around with my kit, I am pretty much caught up through mid-March :) YAY!! So happy to see this album coming together, it is so fun to look back at all the little things we did that I would definitely have forgotten had I not taken the photos. Now I am re-inspired to get creating with this project. I also plan on posting more of my photos and journaling here on my blog. It made it so easy today, when filling in the journaling cards, to just copy what I had written here on my blog.

I will take some photos and post the first part of my album soon :)

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