April 1, 2009

Oh, it is love

Who would have thought.
Last year on this day, we found out we were pregnant again.
We both thought "Ha ha very funny... April fools!" when the Dr. gave us the news. It just wasn't anything we were expecting or had even talked about. I had always said no more. I was happy with the two wonderful boys I already had. I couldn't imagine having another little one in our lives, how could I ever love him as much as I already love the other two. Little did I know, huh!?

He makes me happy to be alive everyday.
I can not even put it into words how happy he makes me :)

Sometimes those totally unexpected April Fools jokes turn out to be unbelievable blessings in disguise :D

1 comment :

  1. Just found your blog through sassafrass, you lucky girl! Love that you have three boys, I do too! And, I love every CRAZY minute of it!!


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