March 24, 2009

potd catch up, again...

Once again, I am playing catch up with my photos and post for my project 365.

Saturday March 14th

What an exciting day! lol

The tooth fairy made a visit last night and left Dylan $5.00 and his tooth to keep. I worked from 8-3 and the boys were home with Dad and Grandma. At around 3.00 John texted me to see if I was still at work, they were going to stop up. I just figured "we" was John and Aiden. Surprise surprise it was John and Drew. They had been down the street at the urgent care. Drew (for some ungodly reason) had decided to stick Dylans tooth in his ear. It was so far in there they couldn't get it out!! We made a quick stop at home to pick up Aiden, and off we went to the Emergency Room. They ended up calling an ENT (ear nose and throat) specialist and he decided it would be best to sedate Drew to get it out, since the tooth was sitting right on his ear drum. 5 long hours later the tooth was out and we were on our way home! What a long long crazy day. I still shake my head in disbelief, a tooth in his ear!? Yep that is so very Drew, my sweet little trouble maker ;)

I took picts of him in the hospital, with my cell phone...but for the life of me can not figure out how to send them to my computer, grrr...

Sunday March 15th

I had the day off. We did a few things around the house. Packing away our snowman/winter decor and putting up the Easter stuff. I went to lunch with the girls downtown for some good food and good conversation.
We also got this fun toy out for Aiden (thanks Aunt Melissa) he is loving it:

Monday March 16th

We enjoyed a nice late afternoon walk. The weather is finally feeling a little like spring. It sure feels good to just get out and breath the fresh air!

Tuesday March 17th
St Patty's Day! We all wore green and celebrated with a treat of green milk and cookies, yum!

Wednesday March 18th

A pretty quiet and typical day around here. Photo take while waiting in car line to pick up the boys from school:

Thursday March 19th

Had to work again today, it is looking more and more like spring:

Friday March 20th
I had the day off today :) Woke up way to early 5:55, on my only day to sleep in. Got the boys off to school and then Aiden and I took an early morning nap at 9 :) Woke up and went to lunch with Jamie and KelLeigh. Straight from there Aiden and I went to his 4 month check up. He weighs 20.8 lbs and "is one big boy!" the Dr told me, lol. We picked up the boys from school and went to DQ for an end of a busy week ice cream treat. After that I decided to take some 4 month picts of Aiden and remembered I had picked up some cute bunny ears from Target a few weeks back. I can not believe how cute the picts turned out, I LOVE THEM!! My little Chubby Bunny:

At 7 I tagged along with Jamie and KelLeigh to a book club and had a nice night out with some girls from high school.

Saturday March 21st
Happy day to finally own a copy of Twilight:
of course the movie does not compare to the book, but I still really like it :)

Sunday March 22nd
Drew woke us up around 4am saying he was hungry, come to find out it was not hunger in his tummy, but sickness. Poor little guy ended up throwing up pretty much all day and just camped out on the couch:

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  1. Love all of the pics and your catch up! I can't believe how big your baby is already. And...tooth in the ear? Good Lord!
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