February 17, 2009

Feb 16th

Monday Feb 16th
Aiden enjoying his new bed:

Sunday we made a trip to babies r us to pick up a bumper pad, and picked up this adorable blankie to go with the crib sheet I had gotten as a shower gift. We also picked out a non matching mobile just for the heck of it, and he totally loves watching it. I was kinda worried since he has this strange fear of the baby music on his bouncy seat, it totally makes his the lip appear! I am happy to report he already sleeps so good in his bed. No need to adjust he slept as good as always :)

I totally wanted to pick up this mobile and pillow but really not so practical. The mobile was tiny, and yet oh so cute ;) and the pillow...really does he need a dog pillow!? NO. But i still think it is totally adorable!
If you can't tell i am just a little obsessed with brown and polkie dots lately!

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