January 12, 2009


Today Aiden is 2 months old.

He loves Momma (the best) and has recently began crying when anyone else hold him. Which is sweet but also quite annoying when say you need to go take a shower or really do anything while he is awake....which is more and more every day. He loves to cuddle and nurse and loves his little rocking chair (thanks aunt Melissa). He watches everything around him and smiles at you and talks his little coo-ing baby noises. He is a squirmy worm anymore, always moving his little arms and legs :) He cries quite a bit to let you when he is not happy, and has the cutest pouty lip already. Not sure where he got that from, but he sure knows how to use it ;)

We love him to pieces :)


  1. awww! Happy 2nd month with your blessing! :)

  2. awww Jennifer that just makes my heart melt!! He's so adorable!


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