December 1, 2008

December 1st

December 1st is here already, and it is the time to start taking photos for my December daily album.

Last night we put up and decorated one of our Christmas trees. The boys favorite tree, because it has all of the "fun" ornaments on it, the Hallmark Ornaments we have bought for them through the years. Lots of Disney characters, Superheroes, and Cartoon Characters!

They were so excited to get the ornaments out and hang them on the tree :)

Oohing and aahing over each one and then finding the perfect spot for them! Definitely one of my very favorite parts of the holiday.

Today for our special activity we played out in the snow. Nothing says Christmas like a nice new layer of snow to play in ;) So we did!

So very cold after a while, but we came inside and quickly warmed up with our favorite, Hot Chocolate and marshmallows :) YUM!!

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  1. How fun for the whole family ... there's truly nothing better than filling the Christmas tree with all your favorites. My DH has that same Spiderman ornament your son is holding ... it's his favorite. Oh and look at all that snow ... cold, wet and for the moment white, you can keep it though, please don't send it our way, we'll have snow soon enough I'm sure.


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