December 20, 2008

Day 20

5 short days to go!!

Today we took the boys to a friends local tree farm to see Santa :)
Dylan asked Santa for a Spiderman Wii game.
Drew could not think of anything he wanted, lol.
He finally remembered and asked for a hippo.
Santa asked Drew if he wanted a real hippo, and if he should leave it in our pool!
Drew thought that was pretty funny, but told him no just a toy one ;)

Aiden was so cute all bundled up in his snow suit, happily sleeping and smiling

After that John and I finished up our shopping, phew!
The traffic was crazy, and the lines were a little insane, and we had one little guy that was not to happy about riding in his car seat about half was through, but we survived and now we are DONE!! It feels good to be done. Now I am totally excited for Christmas morning! The boys will be happy because Santa will be leaving pretty much everything on their lists this year :)

Tonight our town had its annual Christmas parade and for the first time had it at night with lights on everything in the parade. It was really fun to watch although it was FREEZING outside. Luckily the parade started across the street from our house so we just ran outside a few minutes before it started.

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