December 18, 2008

Christmas parties!

I can remember there was nothing more exciting, when you are in school, than a party day! Today the boys both celebrated their Christmas parties at school. Good thing too, because it looks like we will be getting a mother load dumping of snow tomorrow :) Luckily John was home this week so I was able to help out at both parties!

Dylan had his party first thing in the morning. The whole grade made gingerbread houses in the cafeteria. Talk about one big mess!! They had SO much fun though. There were so many fun candy decorations to chose from it was a little kids dream come true!

I personally liked his house when it looked like this:

But being a 7 year old boy he had a different house in mind:

Just a little bit of candy on there, lol!!

Drews party was later in the afternoon, so I ran home to feed Aiden and ended up running all over town, getting groceries, gas, going to the bank, picking up prescriptions...all that good stuff you have to do before a big snow store blows in! I ate lunch real fast and it was back to the school again.

Drews party was right in his room and they celebrated with 6 fun craft stations.
They all made a necklace, edible christmas trees, 2 ornaments, reindeer food, and these cute little reindeer hats:

They even got to eat their Christmas trees after all their stations were done:

Needless to day Drew left the school that day with green frosting in his nose, ha ha!

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  1. What a fun day ... and such great pictures for you to scrap. Love the little gingerbread houses and those reindeer hats are adorable.


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