November 3, 2008

This week

This week I have a to do list oh about a mile long I would like to tackle.
As the days go by and I get closer to babies arrival, I think of all the tings I want to do before he gets here and I sort of freak out, lol! So much to do, so little time!

I made this cute little to do notebook the other day to jot down my list and this weeks is about 3 pages long, lol! The other notebooks are for the boys to write their Christmas wish list in, and other fun little notes :)

Here are a few things I hope to complete this week:

* Create a mini book for the babies first month photos. Sort of along the lines of Ali's December daily album idea. I have the album and papers all picked out. Now I just have to piece it all together.

* Finish writing and mail out my baby shower thank you notes:

* Put a dent in this pile of half completed scrapbook pages:
Yep, the pile is that big, about 25 pages or so, that all need title and/or journaling added.

* I have to make a trip to Kohls tomorrow and Babies R Us on Wednesday to return a few baby items, and hopefully find a CUTE outfit to bring our little guy home in.

* We need to pick up another little something for Mr. Drew for his birthday on Wednesday. Not sure what yet, but I foresee a trip to Toys R Us in the near future ;)

* Figure out what to do with this fun little mini book set.

I am not even sure what pictures or theme I want to go along with these cute papers. But I just HAD to use them, the owl cover is my absolute favorite patterned paper...EVER!!! I just might keep it as is for a while and use it to document babies first year. One mini book a month, what do you think!?

Ok I am sure there are so many more piddly little things I have to do to, but if I get just half of these done this week I will be one happy girl :)

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