November 26, 2008

Catching up

Playing catch up on this giant pile of scrapbook layouts half finished on my desk.

Here are a few I just added to the scrapbooks:

While I am off work this winter and home with baby I plan to get my scrapbook organized a little bit better. I did this a few months ago and am really please with how it is coming along, but I am still in need of more scrapbooks and a little bit more organizing. Of course I need to pick up a few for Aiden ;)

I recently moved all of our scrapbooks from my scraproom to our computer room which is right off of our living room so that they are where people can see them and enjoy them. Just the other night the boys got them out and oh- and ah over the photos and memories, LOVE THAT!! That is what they are there for and I want them to be looked at :)

Here is a photo of one shelf of our scrapbooks right now:

Our family Albums are all black, Dylan's Scrapbook are Red, Drew's are Green and Aiden's are going to be brown. Drew's baby albums are the stripey Making Memories ones on the end there. I also need to invest in some plain silver book plates for the spines of the albums too. Right now it is a mish-mash of ones I had in my stash...and it drives me crazy to look at them all different like that, gah!

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