November 5, 2008

5 years ago today

I find it hard to believe that it was 5 years ago today that Drew was born, it seems like it was yesterday...and yet at the same time it is hard to remember what life was like before he came along :D

We celebrated 5 with a fun filled day, perfect for our little guy.

When he woke up he opened one present from Grandma, the sock monkey. He celebrated with his friends at school by passing out beanie babies and doughnut holes, yum! The kids had such a great little party, it was SO cute to see him standing in front of the class while they all sang the happy birthday song to him :) After school he opened a HUGE Hulk action figure from mom and dad! The three of us (and Buddy) played in the leaves for about an hour and I was happy to finally get some good fall photos! We had McD's for dinner (his choice) and now they are playing! Two excited boys with action figures, what could be better!?

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