September 30, 2008

A Week In the Life

This week I am playing along with Ali and her invitation to document a week in your life. I have been wanting to do a project like this since I had a chance to drool over Ali's album a few years ago while she was in Michigan at The Scrapbook Zone . With the baby coming in a few short months I thought that this would be the perfect time to capture what our lives are like right now, as a family of 4.

Mondays daily routine:

5:45 am-wake up
6:10 am-lay back down for an hour
7:15 wake up for real
7:30 breakfast:

7:40 shower & dress
8:00 wake the boys up
8:05 let Buddy out
8:05 boys breakfast
8:10 am let Buddy in
8:15 finish getting ready
8:25 leave the house LATE for work(once again ;))
8:25-8:40 morning drive to work

8:40 John drops the boys off at school
8:40 arrive at work

work till 3:00 pm
3:00 leave work
3:30 pm-pick the boys up from school:

3:40 home
3:45 let Buddy out
3:47 let Buddy in

3:45 unpack backpacks & lunchbags

4:00 snack & tv time

4:25 back in the car to pick up grandma
4:45 home again for a potty break
5:00 leave house (once more)
5:15 stop at bank to pay house payment
5:30ish eat dinner at Arby's
6:15 home
6:30 check email, google reader & 2peas

7:00 wipe dishes, vaccum

7:30 get jammies on
7:45 before bed snack

8:00 get in bed for reading and quiet time

9:00 pm WOOHOO!!! sleep :)

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