August 2, 2008

Right now....

-I am in love with these quick collage templates from BHG Scrapbooks Etc.!!! I just finished up this layout using them, and I can say already I WILL be using a LOT of them in the near future. Especially on pages where I have lots of photos to scrap. It makes it such a breeze, wow...i am in love :)

-We are waiting for John to get home from work so we can go play putt-putt!! The boys are beyond excited, and keep asking me "Is dad home yet!?" lol only a few more minuts boys I swear ;)

-I am in a groove making board books for my etsy shop. I have made one every night for the past week, and have sold quite a few too!! So exciting! I am itching to print out pictures to finish up this one I made last Sunday:

-I am craving nachos and cheese, ha ha! My absolute favorite food and it is all I can think about lately. Strange things happen when you are pregnant...just gotta go with it!

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  1. This 2 page layout is completely gorgeous!!


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