August 14, 2008

Catching up a little more

Had a fabulous day off today to just hang around the house, love days like today!!

I went through and got rid of A LOT of old supplies in my scrapbook room, and will be posting them on ebay in a sec. I also created 4 more scrapbook pages, I am on a roll! I am thinking that I need an intervention with these darn BHG templates though, I can not stop using them! Seriously, they are so much fun...and I am getting tons of event photos scrapped! You know the evens where you take like 100 pictures and then end up using like 1 of the photos, ya those events! So much fun to see the scrapbooks fill up. I really need to get some more though, and find a nice place to display them all. Right now I have them scattered throughout the house. Some in the boys bedroom, some in my scrapbook room and some right here next to me in the computer room. I would love to get one of these:

to display them in the living room.....sigh, maybe someday!

Here are the alyouts I finished today:

Going to print out some more photos right now......:)

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