August 22, 2008

10 days and counting...

I can't hardly believe that school will start in just 10 short days. Both boys will be in school all day every day, gasp! What am I going to do with myself, lol! I will have about 2 months to myself before baby arrives. It will be definitely be strange around here. To not hear the the boys laughing and running around all day, nor will I have to watch cartoon network all day (WOOHOO)! I have some serious projects to work on in that short amount of time before baby gets here. I have nothing ready for a little one around here, NOTHING! Kinda starting to freak me out that I am so unprepared with this baby. As well such is life, we have time and it will get done, someday.

Since the end of summer is nearing I thought I would share a layout I just finished for the Garden Girl Scraplift challenge over at 2peas.

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