July 18, 2008

Scrapped a Bit

Man have i missed scrapbooking. It has taken a backseat these past few months and now that I am finally feeling better, I have been itching to get into my scrap room and get some photos scrapped. I organized our scrapbooks a few weeks ago and decided I have a lot of events/holidays and really just some everyday things I NEED to get scrapped before baby #3 joins us.

So........that is what I have been doing.
Here are a few of the layouts I have created recently:

If you can't tell....I am BIG on getting a LOT of photos scrapped right now too. I made a list of pages I need to finish from 2007 and I think I have about 40+ things on the list ;) lol.

Wish me luck..........

1 comment :

  1. Beautiful work, Jennifer! It's been a while! I see you have some exciting news . . . congrats on another boy. Just wanted to pop in and say hi!


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