March 19, 2008

Spring where are you!?

So tomorrow is the official 1st day of spring....and it is no where to be found here :( So depressing! I just want green grass, some nicer temperatures...even in the 40's would be nice, and to be able to get outside (although our backyard full of last years leaves and a winter full of dog poop will NOT be fun come spring...ugh)!! I just want sunshine. I haven't taken pictures for my Photo a day blog in a while, i just can't get excited about taking photos when there is no sun.

Oh well such is life here. You just have to deal, although right about now I am not dealing to well.

I am ready for change.

I have been itching to clean the house, rearrange, paint, organize...just get some change in my life. I even died my hair today, I am in such dire need of change. Its RED, bright red...i will have to take a pict and share soon, but not tonight. Gotta get my little monsters to bed :) Night!


  1. I sooo need the sun to, warmer temps, green grass.....right there with ya!
    So where's the pic of the hair??? Hmmm...wanna see!!

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