September 29, 2007

So lets see....

Whats new? September has turned me into a bad blogger....:(
Been so busy it is hard to keep up with what day it is anymore, lol.

I am excited to say that ScrapHappy KT is back up and running :) YAYYYY!!!!
Missed that place and all the peeps there. Now I feel the need to scrap again too. I did finish a few pages last night it felt so darn good, I miss being able to scrap everyday. I will post them as soon as I scan them....maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of scrapping, I totally re-arranged and re-organized my scrap space. That was fun let me tell you. What a mess. Now I have a HUGE pile of crap in the hallway waiting to go somewhere...not really sure where yet, lol...probably ebay ;) I can not believe the amount of stuff I had crammed into that little room.

Hmm...not much else to re-port right now, just that i am off to bed, for some much needed sleep :D

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