September 5, 2007

I did not shed a tear

Yep, tis true. Somehow, I did not shed one tear on Drew's first day of Pre-K yesterday. I did when Dylan drove away last year, i just couldn't help it, lol! This year we all went together to the school to drop Drew off, since Dylan doesn't start his first day of Kindergarten until tomorrow. I think being there at the school to see him off made it better for me. (still so heart wrenching for a momma though, to see your baby all grown up.) We waited around for a few minutes and then it was time to line up. He hardly looked back once it was go time. Once the kids went in the class, the kids got a few minutes of free time while the parents handed in papers and supplies. Drew put down his back pack and went straight for the block area...this was the part he was most excited about (after hearing ALL the stories from Dylan).

We met Dylan's teacher and he starts his first full day tomorrow. Not relly sure how he will do gong all day long. Guess we will find out tomorrow at 3:30 :) Wish him luck!!


  1. NO WAY! ALL day PreK? He looked like he was having fun!!

  2. ahhh...how fun...and sad for you!

  3. I guess you have to be a mom to understand that, huh? I'd be like woo hoo!!!


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