August 23, 2007


Anyone else ready? Because I sure am. This week we had temps in and around the 50's and 60's...made me totally ready for fall weather and activities. I am so ready to wear sweatshirts and jeans, and spend more time outside, not in the pool ;)

Only 12 more days and the boys will be headed to school!! A very exciting, and yet sad time for me. Can not believe both my babies will be gone, at the same time..sniff sniff :( Although I think it will be good for them. They are ready too. Ready to make new friends, learn new things, explore new worlds.

I am also ready to start my NEW JOB, yay! Well pretty much the same job i was already doing, just now with the tile and and more responsibility.

1 comment :

  1. I am SO ready!!! I was totally feelin' the cooler weather! Fall is my most favorite! Can't wait!


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