June 27, 2007

Life...right now

I sit here dumbfounded because I have no clue what to title this post...I guess it is just a hodgepodge of life right now.

I have been a bad blogger, so bad...sorry :(

-It is way to hot here right now. Work is hot, the house is hot, the only thing that makes it live-able is our pool. Thank god for the pool! The boys and I have been swimming every minute that we can. The boys are both such little fish, I love watching them learn and try new things each day in the pool. Just the other night Drew decided it was time to swim underwater. So cute :)

-We turned in my Car, and got a new one.

-T-ball has come to an end, and really I am sad to see it go. We had such a great time this year, it went by way to fast! Dylan ended the year getting 5 kids out in one inning. He was totally excited about that. The coaches said he was the MVP of the game, talk about one happy little boy :) Of course the metal he got and a trip to Dairy Queen after the game were added bonuses!

-John and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We clebrate with lunch a taco bell, a new car and an end of the season t-ball game ;) Talk about romantic huh!? lol

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