June 15, 2007

10 days later

Yep, its true....10 days later and I finally post. Dang it, I was so going to try to post more on this darn blog. Well not too much to share, been the same old same old. Work, t-ball games, swimming, you know the everyday stuff of summer ;)

The boys have become little fish, not that I would expect anything different of them, I was a little fish growing up too! They love the pool and the crocodile that we just picked up for them. Fun fun stuff. Buddy was not too sure of it at first. He barked and growled at it for the first few days, lol!


  1. That pool looks so great right now!

  2. It's been pretty warm up there, huh? So not fair, they have way funner pool toys then we did!

  3. CUTE picture!! That's how Alexa has been lately too - loooves the water!!

    Hugs, girl :)

  4. Jennifer,
    LOVEEEEEE the crocodile!! Too cute!! You lucky girl, having a pool and all! Stay cool girl!

  5. Hi Jennifer, You've been tagged! 7 random facts about you! Check out my blog.


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