May 12, 2007

May, Crazy May!

May is the busiest month, where I work. So busy, crazy busy at times...today I worked from 9-6:30 and a lot of the days lately have been that way. So my time at home has been slim, and time on the computer is even less. It is really hard to keep up with everything, expecially this blog, which I was doing so well at for a few days there, lol!

Dylan had his first t-ball game last week and did pretty darn good. I think he scored 4 or 5 times :) Yay go D!! He was adorable in his outfit and out on the field. I took quite a few photos with my camera, and can't wait for the next game to take some more.

Just wanted to wish all you fabulous Moms out there a Happy Mothers day too!!!
Hope your day is as special as you are!!


  1. happy mom's day!!!

  2. Happy Mothers day to you my friend! Slow down and take it easy girl!! Dylan looks so cute in his duds!!

  3. Happy Belated Mothers Day to you!

  4. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!! He looks SO cute in his little outfit!! Alexa starts T-Ball the second week of June! She can't wait!! :)

  5. Hi Jennifer! Late posting Mother's day wishes, but I am so with you on the Crazy May part. I have been running like a maniac all month! Hope things slow down for you soon!!


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