May 31, 2007

Last Day

Today is the last day of May already, wow. So glad that things are settling down a bit.

The weather is HOT, i hate it already, seriously does it have to be 88 so fast...lol! I did take a dip in the FREEZING cold pool yesterday, Dylan was thrilled with that one ;) I remember way back in the day when Melissa, Kristen and I would be in the pool while it filled up with hose water. So totally freezing, but so much fun! Great memories!!

School for Dylan ends tomorrow. He has his graduation from Pre-K and then he will be moving on to Kindergarten, doesn't seem possible. I am so proud of him and all that he has learned throughout this year. He has a wonderful teacher and a great group of friends in his class. He will definitely miss them all.

I have been totally uninspired when it comes to scrapping lately, it makes me sad. I want to get up in my room and scrap, I just never have time, and when I do have time well I am just not creative..At all! Doesn't it always work that way!? Going to get some things done today, I have some great photos I want to get them in the boys books!

Speaking of photos, I have been taking a lot :) I totally love my new camera. It is with me pretty much every where I go, lol!
Here is one of my recent favs:


  1. Memories...Those were some great times we had, huh? Doesn't seem like it was that long ago!!!

  2. Ahh..remember when it was freezing and you didn't care at all what the temp was as long as you were in a pool. Now it has to be 100 degrees for me!! And you are seriously crazy with the scrappin thing..you've been putting out pages like crazy..more than me at least!

  3. ...Memories are so sweet.
    Like laughter off in the distance.
    Always tell your stories so the world can hear them.
    When you are not hear in person, we can still hear the laughter and joy that come from your words as memories to share amoung your Sisterhood of cousins.
    Love you: Aunt Jen

  4. What a cutie picture of your boys!


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