April 6, 2007

10 things

Saw this over at Jessica Sprague's blog. She posted 10 things that made her happy, and tagged others to do the same, so of course I had to play along ;)

1.Picking up some fun new supplies form The Scrapbook Zone today :) Love new papers, I just can't get enough of them. The trip there restored my creative inspiration, and now with new supplies I am itching to scrap.

2. Spending the day with my boys...all 3 of them. Everyone had the day off work today, so we spent it together. Went to the mall for some play time, and made a trip to the Disney Store for the boys. Picked them up an early Easter present, a sweet peter pan/captain hook pirate ship...on sale no less :) Love that!!

3. This song & video playing here by Christina Aguilera. The song just makes me happy, her vintage style is awesome too.

4. Picking up the awesome new Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers Magazine by Jessica Sprague, today. Just flipped through it so far, but it was seriously amazing. So many great designers and tips in there, I am itching to try out!!

5. Dreaming about one day getting one of these:

for my scrapbook room. Dreaming of cleaning, re-arranging, organizing...all that fun stuff that I am obsessed with doing these days!

6.New beginnings in my life. Finally letting go of something that has been making me unhappy and starting a new. Looking forward to new changes and a new direction for my future and my families.

7.Preparing for Easter. Picking up a few toys for the boys, and some "bunny chocolate" for Drew, his personal request ;) We will be dying eggs sometime here, not really sure when though...we have a pretty busy day tomorrow, lol. Maybe this year we will do it on easter, hmmm. probably should have thought that through better, lol!

8. Meeting new friends and sharing ideas at Scrap Happy KT. A great online store message board that has some of the friendliest people there :) I just love that about this hobby :)

9. These awesome tags and these fun labels at etsy. Ok, so pretty much everything at this shop, I would love :)

10. Reading that Rebecca Cooper is coming out with a new book. I just love her style, and can not wait to get my hands on this one. Did I mention that I am slightly obsessed with Scrapbook magazines & idea book....yep it is true :)

So there are my 10 things. Now what are the 10 things making you happy?

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  1. LOVE your list of happy things! :)

    And I agree, nothing like new supplies and tons of family time, I love that too!!!

    And yes, the new book by Jessica is amaaaazing - I LOVE IT!!!!

    I hope you and the family have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!!!!!!!


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