December 29, 2006


I for one, LOVE the start of the new year. Starting fresh, making resolutions. I always get this rush when I wake up New Years morning, ready to get myself in gear and get a new year underway. This year I decided not to make a long list of resolutions I knew I wouldn't keep, but reather a few simple ones that I will try my very best at. Even if I don't succeed 100%, i know just trying to achieve them will make my life a little bit better :)

Here is a layout I made today with my resolutions :

* Layout design was totally inspired by the amazing Designing With LOOK Book!!*


  1. Great resolutions!!! Very simple, I never keep my resolutions either, but of course I will make some. I think I like yours so much I may steal them :)

  2. Resolutions..Only 1 Big deal!!
    I quit smoking as of December 26th...No parting this year most of the peeps I know still smoke and I don't want be nasty to them..lol
    So..Keep your fingers crossed for me.
    Love ya:


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