November 3, 2006

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006 has come and gone. I must say it was a huge success with the boys, and they loved every minute of it!! Captain Hook was a huge hit in the neighborhood, everone said how cute he was, of course I couldn't agree more :) Dylan was such a blabbo at every house, introducing himself (Peter Pan) and Drew to everyone! Here are a few photos I took of them:

John and I are supposed to go to a halloween party tomorrow, but have no costumes to wear, the theme is super heores and villians...any ideas?


  1. Cute pic's Jen!
    So..Now tell us...you dressed up as?????
    You should have asked days ago..I had a real cute set-up...It would have won 1st prize... :-)
    Love 2 all

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    OMG...how cute!!! I love Drew's facial expressions!!!

  3. LOVE their costumes!!!


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