August 3, 2006

34 Weeks and Counting

look who is getting a big belly :)

My cousing Melissa, expecting her first baby.
So excited to meet him.
To see her be a momma.
To smother him in kisses.
To watch him grow.
To watch him play with his cousins.
To take TONS of pictures of him.
To see his grandparents spoil him as they did my boys.
SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am actually 34 weeks now. Can you believe it????? It goes by so fast.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful especially with her belly! Mish is gonna be a great mom...it's in the "Adams" genes!

  3. LOL...guess I can't use the *Mrs.Mom knickname for her...Lets see...Shupee!!!
    meaning: shoot I gotta pee again
    Hey...Mish..any boobs yet..LOL
    and> oh look still an *inny
    I'm only joking with ya kid...your in good hands I'm sure.
    Love 2 all: Aunt Jen


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