July 6, 2006

What a weekeknd....

man...just now getting back into the grove of normalcy around here. We had such a great time, just hanging out around the house. Watching fireworks, camping out in the backyard with the boys, swimming, picnicing...everything the 4th always is at our house :) Just wanted to share one photo with you, of Dylan and his hero!! We go every year to the Fenton 4th of July parade, and not to see the normal things like firetrucks and floats...nope we go to see spiderman!! Yep evey year we do, and evey year we see him from afar...but not this year! He ran right over to us and even talked to D and let us get a photo of him :)

You can see in the photo Dylan is beyond the boyond. Such a super special moment in one little boys life :) LOVE that!!!


  1. WOW Dylan...such a "SUPER" great day you had!
    Great Picture MOM..Happy children always make for Happy MOM's :-)
    But: oh my camping in the backyard?...sleeping in tents????
    ..yuck skeeter haven..blood sucking little critters...not fun swattin & scratchin...LOL
    love ya's

  2. Awww, such a great picture! He looks sooooo happy to be standing next to Spiderman!!! Awesome shot, Jennifer!!!!!

  3. holy cow, my son would have DIED! so fun!!!


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