July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to me :)

Yep it has been way to long since I updated anything here.
Life has been busy busy busy, good busy!!
Working, spending time with the fam, working, swimming, playing with buddy, working, reading, lounging...enjoying life and summer :)
I hope everyone has a fab Sunday, It's my birthdy and I am oficially lazy today!!
Not doing a darn thing, he he I wish.
But still spending the day with family doing nothing much...sounds pretty darn good to me :)


  1. Why no picture, Birthday Girl? How's it feel to be 27??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Happy Bithday to YOU....
    When you turn old & gray..lol
    I hope you can look back at your blog...and remember exactly what kind of thoughts were racing through you cute little brain...how/what/when and where.
    Love ya

  3. Happy Birthday Jen! We have the same special day. Here's to one Leo from another. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday. Me too! gotta love being surronded by our boys and being lazy! See you soon. Kelley


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