June 13, 2006

MIA sorry :(

I have totally been neglecting this little ol' BLOG of mine, sorry. Although I am not sure too many people read it anymore :( I have been crazy busy at times, when I am not busy I am just so tired to do much at all. Even my scrappbooking has gone down hill. Need to get going on that again. As for life, well I quit my job at Michael's. The manager there was a puke, and i just couldn't work for someone like that anymore, one year was, well one year too long. I am now done watching the 2 kids I watch during the day, because Friday was the last day of school, yipee!!! Now I am working again at Bordines, almost full time and spending the time I am not working with the boys playing out in the backyard. Dylan has taken to baseball and Drew is loving the sand box. With Buddy around now too i am in and out of the house all day for potty time, so I can't even seem to get a quick break to do anything. We are also having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of TONS of junk our garage has been accumulating for the past 2 years. So all in all it is a very busy time for me/us. I am happy though and that is all that matters, right? Embracing the craziness life throws at you, and running with it. Now I am of...gotta jet to the dentist before I head to work for the day. Hope everyone has a very happy Tuesday :)


  1. I check your blog everyday :)

  2. i read your blog almost every day...



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